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Individual psychotherapy aims to people who have difficulties and possible malfunction in one or more of the key areas of life: relationships (interpersonal, family, etc.), work (achieving goals, creativity and taking responsibility), mental or physical health (panic attacks, psychosomatic symptoms or chronic diseases).


The aim of psychotherapy is the person to be able to understand itself and emotions generated by his/her relationship with the others, thus achieving a change in dysfunctional ways of thinking and dysfunctional emotional reactions and behaviours and ultimately to improve his/her relations and resolve the internal conflicts.

In particular, individual psychotherapy may seek those who suffer from:

  • any kind of intrapsychic conflicts,
  • deadlock in interpersonal relationships or parentingς,
  • problems in relations with his / her husband – spouse / partner,
  • communication issues with children,
  • generalized stress and internal tensions,
  • persistence of negative emotions of guilt and remorse,

  • depression,
  • personality disorders or behaviour by obsessions,
  • compulsions, phobias, psychosomatic symptoms,
  • trouble sleeping or eating disorders,
  • sexual dysfunction

Prerequisite in individual psychotherapy is regular 50 min duration meetings of the patient with the therapist, on the therapist’s place, with a specific and predetermined frequency of sessions. During individual psychotherapy sessions, both the therapist and the patient participate in the creation of a relationship based on trust, confidentiality and honesty.

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