PSYCH UP: “Improving support for people affected by disorders during their training path”

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Institute of Psychosocial Development (Ι.Ψ.Α) participated as partner in the European Program Erasmus+ KA2 “PSYCH UP: Improving support for people affected by psychological disorders during their training path”.

Final steering committee meeting for #Erasmus+ project “#PsychUp”. After 3 years of great work, our collaboration has almost come to an end!

We reunited to do the last project overview, review final tasks and resolve doubts about the last production. This parternship and innovation project has produced “Intellectual outputs” nowadays called “results”.

  • Function profile highlighting the specific competencies of the psychological disturbances referent
  • A training framework, presenting the ideal training path for the psychological disorders referent: which training objectives, which contents for the training courses
  • Finally, a kit of resources that are useful for professionals in the field for improve their understanding, management, and support of psychological disorders in their learners’ groups

We will keep you posted about the final version of our 3 results…Stay tuned!

The project is co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union.