“Social Dreaming Matrix Group in Greece”

The Institute of Psychosocial Development (Ι.Ψ.Α) organizes open group sessions on the topic: “Social Dream Processing” through the practice of the Social Dreaming Matrix.

1st Session: 12 February 2021
Participation Fee: 10€/Meeting

The “Social Dreaming Matrix”, as developed by Lawrence Gordon and his colleagues in the Tavistock Institute in London in the 1980s, concerns a dream processing practice emphasizing in the social realm/space of dreams.

In the first part of the session the participants are invited to share their dreams without interpretation effort. Dreams, free associations and connections succeed one another creating a dream matrix, an assemblage of images and a dream experience. Then time is given to make wider associations which may relate to the current socio-political environment – in particular, the COVID-19 pandemic. Ιn the process of accessing the unthought known, creating new meaning and understanding through making connections between dreams (the unconscious) and our social context.

Host of the Sessions: Athena Marouda – Chadjoulis, MSc., Ph.D., Social Psychologist, Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist, Training Group Analyst & Supervisor in the Hellenic Association of Analytic Group & Family Psychotherapy, Director of the Institute of Psychosocial Development (Ι.Ψ.Α)

In Online Sessions Can Participate: Mental Health Professionals (psychologists, psychotherapists, people who working in the field of mental health, etc.), social scientists and individuals who are generally interested in the social dimension of our dream life.

The sessions will take place on zoom every fifteen days, Friday, from 15:30 – 17:30 CET for the months of February – March – April. Specifically, the dates of the sessions are 12 & 26 February, 12 & 26 March and 9 & 23 April. The number of participants will be limited and order of priority will be observed. The sessions also include presentations on the theory and practice of the “Social Dreaming Matrix” practice by Gila Ofer, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist – Training Psychoanalyst – Group Analyst, Past President of Tel-Aviv Institute of Contemporary Psychoanalysis

For more information and enrollment please contact the phone 2410258040 or send email: ipsyd@otenet.gr