Romani Ambassadors: Integration through Exchange of experience in Training of Youth Romani

Institute of Psychosocial Development (Ι.Ψ.Α.) participates as partner in the Erasmus+ Program “Romani Ambassadors: Integration through Exchange of experience in Training of Youth Romani”

The project intends to continue the successful implementation of training opportunities that foster Roma inclusion and integration both in education and employment market.
The main objectives are:
– To further enhance and improve training of trainers and mediators in the field of youth Romani education in terms of helping to policy reforming and implementing EU’s ambition for inclusion of the Romani community.
– The training of trainers of youth Romani mediators and trainers that will be focused on the EU’s ambition for Romani’s employment opportunities.

The project “Romani Ambassadors” is developed in synergy between the partners from 8 different EU countries (Bulgaria, Greece, Czech Republic, Albania, Belgium, Italy, Spain and Romania). The partnership was planned between the partners during their work in the JUSTICE funded project named “Fighting discrimination and Anti-Gypsyism in education and employment in EU” (“PAL” JUST/2014/R015/AG/DISC/8115) and consists also of new entities that are familiar with the Romani community and have a multi-annual experience in adult and VET training. During the implementation of this project and upon the barriers that the organizations faced in the field of Roma employment, the need of entrepreneurship education among youth Roma was obvious.

Duration: 1/3/2018 – 28/2/2019

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