Five – Year Training Program in Analytic Group & Family Psychotherapy

Ι.Ψ.Α, since 2005, hosts the Training Program in Analytic Group & Family Psychotherapy, organized by the Hellenic Society for Analytic group and Family psychotherapy with President Mr. Matthew Josafat, Psychiatrist – Psychoanalyst.

This programme lasts five years and it includes:

a) 5 years participation of the trainee in an analytic therapeutic group.
b) 5 years participation in seminars on the theory of Psycho-analysis and the Theory and Technique of Group Analysis and Family Therapy.
c) Supervision(approximately 220 hours) over a period of 3-4 years.
d) Presentation of scientific papers
e) Clinical experience.

The principal aim is to offer a systematic and complete training in group analysis and family therapy to professionals from the fields of mental health, like psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, psychiatric nurses and sociologists. However, other professionals from similar fields can be accepted, provided they will be judged suitable for such training.

After the successful completion of the whole programme the trainee receives a diploma in the form of a Certificate of Training, a title which is officially recognised from the European Federation of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy – EFPP.