Project Title: "Fighting Discrimination and Anti – Gypsyism in Education and Employment in EU"

31 Mar 2016

Partner in the consortium of European Daphne Program entitled: "Fighting discrimination and anti - Gypsyism in education and employment in EU" (PAL), JUST / 2014 / RDIS / AG / DISC.

Duration: 2016 – 2018


al Project co-funded by the Rights, Equality & Citizenship Programme of the European Union. It aims to develop a comprehensive approach and endorse a number of goals in education, employment in order to speed up Roma Integration and support the implementation of national Roma inclusion strategies and the Council Recommendation of Roma Integration.

• Fighting discrimination and anti-Gypsyism
• Enhancing multi-stakeholder cooperation
• Promoting common democratic values, strengthening fundamental rights and consolidating the rule of law are horizontal concerns for the participant countries
• Debating the way forward for the European network for Roma socialInclusion
• Developing capacities for Roma participation at regional and local level
• Developing data and information on forms, approaches, challenges of Roma participation
• Raising awareness among relevant stakeholders concerning the need to assure annual access to education and employment
• Training and transfering skills on desegregation to trainers and other stakeholders at grassroots levels in order to achieve Roma' children and youth integration in education and employment process.

• 2 awareness Raising Conferences with more than 200 participants
• 1 Common EU Community Prevention Policy
• 27 Push education events with more than 1220 participants
• 34 training of trainers courses with 680 trainers
• 18 workshops/9 seminars for training of Romani people with more than 1900participants
• 2 Common toolkits, one for education and one for employment support
• 20 roundtables 400 participants.

PAL project is divided into two macro areas that run in parallel: activities related to employment and activities related to education.

Activities related to employment:
• Integrated approach for the current situation and the possibilities of specific employment for Roma people in EU
• Awareness Raising International Roma Integration Campaign 'Employ Me!' for popularization of the equal opportunities in employment services inEU
• Training of trainers online (360 trained people)
• Push Employment Opportunities Events about the employment rights and possibilities (1800 participants)

Activities related to education:
• Integrated approach for the current situation and the possibilities of specific educational programme for second chance education
• Awareness Raising International Roma Integration Campaign 'It's not late' for popularization of the benefits of education
• Online training Courses for teachers (320 trained)
• Push education Training consisted of Children Socialization exercises and Group Building days (1220 participants)

Common activities:
• Promotion activities at local level (Info days), newsletters, press release, posters, brochures etc.
• Preparation and presentation of anti-discrimination model based on best practices and community prevention policy for Roma in EU.


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